Born and raised in Tapanui, and now living back there this mum of two, and Registered Nurse, is an inspiration to those who meet her, in all walks of life.
Vicki worked for over 12 years as a Senior Lecturer at the School of Nursing, at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin. She has a Masters in Nursing, was recently awarded a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Counselling, and is currently doing her Doctorate, focusing on self-care in healthcare.
She has a variety of interests, including the lifestyle/fashion genre of Steampunk.
She’s written children’s books, and is currently working on a historic novel.
She’s a firm believer in supporting the nurse in the workplace environment, and holds regular ‘clinical supervision’ sessions with her clients, with the aim of reducing their stresses and keeping them within nursing, and enabling them to give their best at all times.
A friendly, compassionate person, who is a brilliant speaker, entertainer and organiser, usually with a wee touch of Purple, Vicki adds her own personality to help you deal with the hard times as well as the good times…

I specialise in the healthcare sector, but my skills cover a much broader spectrum:

  • Dispute resolution
  • Life coaching
  • Life Audit
  • Self-care plans and guidance
  • Counselling
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Team building
  • Equine Therapy

I’d heard of ‘Vicki Purple’ from nursing students over the years, as a very cool tutor.  On our first meeting, Vicki said that if we didn’t feel a good match, then that was okay.  I warmed to her straight away, I felt that I knew that she would be of great help and an immediate trust (not an easy thing for me!) developed that I could tell her everything that I was feeling, and that she could help me overcome the sadness I felt.  I had regular meetings with Vicki, often running a bit over our time, she showed me in the first meetings how to really focus on the guilt I was feeling….  At one point I was looking elsewhere for work away from my beloved area of practice, and Vicki was there on the end of a phone for me whenever I needed her.
With the support of my fantastic CNM and Vicki’s “Super-Vision” care I don’t think I would have persevered and regained my dignity.


For the last few years, Supervision with Vicki has provided a safe, confidential opportunity to reflect and discuss issues and learn ways of responding to various situations. I believe the support, advice and guidance of Vicki has kept me in my current role, has increased my confidence and kept me focused on my workplace goals. Supervision has reduced my workplace stress, helps me put issues into perspective and reinforces the value of self-care.


I have been referring people to Vicki for clinical supervision for a number of years. She has provided sessions on a one on one basis to many nurses. We see the change over time as people reflect, rejuvenate and rebuild themselves.

I have also had some sessions myself personally and found them useful (even if not all that comfortable to begin with!) that is part of growing, checking in with someone independent to test ideas and express feelings.

The novel way that Vicki engages with people is first based on gaining trust, being authentic and showing wisdom… she is really unique in her straight-talking approach, using symbolism wrapped in kindness. She is generous with her time and makes you feel special in a way of being attentive and interested.

We have started to look at shared sessions of Super-Vision which are based on her Tea Time – Me Time mantra. This is a simple analogy which is easily understood by nurses, and aligns with a caring philosophy.  Most recently I watched a small group of nurses really enjoy an afternoon session, who left feeling valued, revitalised and happy. Their evaluations were powerful, and it was as if they had an inoculation against burnout. What I liked is that it is based on helping yourself, putting on your own life jacket before helping others with theirs. It is something that could be really well implemented and effective.


Vicki became my Supervisor following some issues I was having in the workplace. When I first met her I was a little surprised, she is a colourful person, with a warm smile and she has great perception and take on people. We connected on many levels and Vicki has a unique way of seeing situations and tackling them, enabling you to open your mind to seeing things in a different way. By looking at the world through different lenses, problems may not seem like problems anymore. Not only did Vicki enable me to break down preconceived ideas, and break down my problems, she also enabled me to take a structured tier level approach to solving them.

Sometimes, the truth hurts and my relationship with Vicki was always honest, we had trust and I believed in the process and I was becoming a better leader because of our relationship. I believe the tools Vicki offers can transfer to life skills, and make more positive changes in all areas of life.

My experience with her was: Commitment – 100%, Enthusiasm – 100%, Communication skills – 100%, Tools for handling situations – 100%.


Tel: +64 274 891 555

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